It’s funny and I don’t say it much but I am enjoying the reflecting component of this assignment.

Looking back on my professional experience and reflecting on the school and it’s ICT adaption and resources is interesting  and in some ways a little sad.  So many children are very lucky and have the latest technology, while others struggle to have internet connection.

It is hard when you realise that there are children out there that have not used an Iphone, played a game on an IPad or used a computer, outside the school.  We should be trying to give these children access everyday to this type of technology.  It is an essential skill to develop and children need to be exposed to these throughout their education.  Just a simple game on the IPad can be very exciting for some children, and I witnessed this on my prac. 

Working through my planning and describing why and how I planned the experiences highlighted for me the relevance and importance of the Backward Design.  It is easy to get carried away with what you would like to put in your plan, but the most important component is the objective and outcome of the plan.  ICTs can be fun and you can get carried away with integrating ICT activities which can take the focus off the outcome.  I had to remind myself to stop and integrate technology, not just use technology.

A great and informative website that I found easy to read and understand on technology

What’s the Difference Between “Using Technology” and “Technology Integration”?

Although this ICT subject has sometime been difficult, I have found it very informative and will endeavour to continue my education of ICT practices. 


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Wife, mother of three daughters, third year of Bachelor of Education Early childhood, Child care worker, studying online through USQ
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